Clarion 2006 Roster
April 30, 2006

So we got the Clarion Roster this week:

2006 Clarionites
Cities indicated are pre-Clarion.
William Alexander Burlington, VT
Bradley Beaulieu Racine, WI Blog LJ
Steve Berman Maple Shade, NJ Blog, Clarion Blog, SB@Wikipedia
Christopher Cevasco Brooklyn, NY
Brian (BK) Dunn New York, NY
Jemma EveryHope Bellingham, WABlog
Casey Fiesler Newnan, GA Blog Clarion Blog
Michael Furlong Fort Pierce, FL
Stephen Gaskell Budapest, Hungary Blog
Nye Joell Hardy Salinas, CA
Vincent Jorgensen Sunnyvale, CABlog
Rahul Kanakia Stanford, CABlog
Sarah Kelly Flagstaff, AZ Blog
Felice Kuan Chappaqua, NYBlog
Robert Levy Brooklyn, NY Blog
Livia Llewellyn Jersey City, NJBlog, Clarion Blog
Will Ludwigsen Jacksonville, FLBlog, Clarion Blog
Ceallaigh MacCath-Moran Old Town, MEBlog
Sean Manseau New York, NYBlog
Aimee Poynter Batavia, OHBlog
Shveta Thakrar New Brunswick, NJBlog
Alex Wilson Carrboro, NCBlog, Clarion Blog LJ Feed

2006 Instructors

In Order of Scheduled Appearance
Samuel R Delany1st WeekSRD@Wikipedia
Michael Swanwick 2nd WeekBlog, MS@Wikipedia
Nancy Kress 3rd WeekNK@Wikipedia
Joe and Gay Haldeman 4th WeekJoe's Newsgroup, JH@Wikipedia
Holly Black 5th&6th Tag TeamBlog, HB@Wikipedia
Kelly Link 5th&6th Tag TeamKL@Wikipedia
Tobias S BuckellRogue AgentBlog, TB@Wikipedia
Jim C Hines MaverickBlog

7/21/06 update: I'm trying to gather a list of 2006 Clarion West Journals as well.

Largely thanks to Livia's pre-announcement detetective work, I've been able to meet and/or read about (all online) a good quarter of the students prior to the announcement. I'll add more websites as I find and/or get to them, and probably put up a Clarion sidebar on this journal.

So I'm now aware of the experience of this group, and I find myself almost as equally intimidated by my fellow students as I am of my instructors.

Speaking of instructors, though, Samuel R Delany is speaking over at Duke today. I should try to get over there, even if that would make three trips to Duke's campus in three days (yesterday I went to hear David Gordon Green and Brad Land and on Friday a student film I helped write premiered).

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You think you're intimidated! I'm downright in awe of the class. Your accounting scheme alone is up on a pedestal. These days, I'm happy to not get rejected too harshly.

Posted by: Vince CA at May 3, 2006 4:29 PM

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I'm like a stuntman. I've had so much practice, I have finally learned to fall well.

Posted by: Alex at May 11, 2006 8:07 PM

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